Thursday, October 22, 2009

This bodes well for us

It was reported last week (and made a pretty big deal by the Leaf loving media) that the Toronto Maple Leafs played a game of "Dodgeball" for practice.

On this morning's "Sportscenter" they showed the Leaf's practicing yesterday, playing on a miniature ice surface. (Link here)

In case anyone out there has been paying attention, it's worth noting that the dynamic duo of Brian Burke and Ron Wilson are the minds behind the American US Olympic team in Vancouver. As if their ability to make winners out of people wasn't enough, but these interesting tactics will no doubt be what pushes USA to a gold medal in 2010. What's next? How about a game of kick the can on the ice? I know I certainly wouldn't want to be facing a squad with skills in dodgeball, mini-hockey, and can kicking, I don't really care how well they can skate or play together as a team, those 3 skills are the definition of a triple threat.

Now THAT was sarcasm...



  1. How about the bolt's game of strip shootout?

  2. least we now know that if Marty St. Louis loses a blade...or any other equipment item for that matter, he's still a good bet to score in a shootout.

  3. Further to your insightful comment Adam...I think that is reason enough not to have Tocchet at the twentyten coach.