Monday, October 19, 2009

To be a fly on that wall

A nice article today at the CTV Olympics site, pretty much regurgitating a lot of what Matty and I have said here. There was one interesting paragraph though, that made me smile...

Yzerman said players are being monitored now and he and his gang, which includes the likes of Detroit GM Ken Holland and Red Wings coach Mike Babcock, who will coach Team Canada, as well as Devils coach Jacques Lemaire, Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff, Edmonton president Kevin Lowe, St. Louis vice-president Doug Armstrong, and Wayne Gretzky, will chat frequently leading up to the Games. He also said certain players will be granted a little latitude.
To be a fly on that wall. Of course, Matt and I would be those loud, opinionated flies, with me no doubt screaming my little fly lungs out with cries of "NO ST. LOUIS!!! FORGET ABOUT ROBIDAS!!" (this is assuming that Robidas' name is actually brought up at a meeting of the braintrust), and Matt no doubt making mention after mention of his hockey pool dilemmas.

The time keeps ticking, and some superstars need to step it up... at least we aren't the only ones worried about these slow starts...


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