Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Hits

Welcome to the radar: Brent Burns

An interesting twitter post from everyone's favorite SportsCentre anchor, Jay Onrait, I saw this morning on my computer monitor.

"I don’t think there’s five defensemen like him in the league, not even close." Ken Hitchcock on Brent Burns of the Wild.
Not saying I put him on the team, but that's a strong endorsement from one of the coaches of our beloved hockey team in Vancouver.

Luongo struggling

Roberto Luongo allowed 4 goals on 12 shots last night in what became a 5 - 3 for the Canucks at the hands of the mighty Columbus Blue Jackets. This drops Luongo's record to 0 - 3 this year, in 3 games started. His save percentage is .820, with a GAA of 4.55. It may be his defence, it may be the team, but they were nearly perfect in the preseason so I'm having trouble saying there would be THAT much of a fall off.

Hey Bobbo, I know it's early, but you haven't been announced as a member of Team Canada although most figure you to be a lock. You've gotta be the best to be on this team... if we wanted a guy who doesn't win and has a terrible GAA and SV% we could have gone out and easily picked up Chris Osgood (zing!!)

Staal is tough

I have to say I let out a small expletive on Saturday night watching the Bruins - Canes game... not because I had to listen to Matty boast about "his Bruins" incessantly, but because a guy who I figure to be in Vancouver, Eric Staal, took a slapshot to the head during the game.

Thankfully, Staal returned in the 3rd and even notched a goal in a 7-2 loss to the Bruins, all but eliminating Ryan "No one can stand in front of the net like me" Smyth from Twentyten consideration. Also helping to eliminate his chances, his enrollment into the witness protection program... Oh wait, I guess he's in LA, whatever, same difference...

Women are winners

The Canadian Women's hockey team beat the US yesterday, their first win after three consecutive losses to the yanks...

... so yeah... Go Canada!

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  1. For the record,

    Go zinging all you want about Chris Osgood. Though he may not win you games the same way a Brodeur or Luongo can, it can't be said that he losses too many either (Hmmm how about Brodeur getting beat by the Canes in the last minutes last season, and well we know Luongo hasn't always been stellar in big games).

    You can't win championships without a quality starter - Osgood has started on two Stanley Cup winning teams. Also, just to note a few stats: he's never had a losing season (with the Islanders and St. Louis even), he's currently 10th all-time for wins, has a career GAA below 2.5 and SV% above .900. And although you might argue his save percentage can be attributed to the fact he's had a great team in front of him for most of his career you ask any goalie how easy it is to stay focused when you don't get many shots.

    I am not suggesting that Osgood be considered for this team, but for the record he wouldn't be bad, in fact I'll go as far as he could even backstop the team to gold. So when you go zinging, surely you can find a more appropriate suitor than Osgood (e.g. how about Toskala, or if you want potential Canadian netminders look no further than Price and you have him on your bloody list - he is clear example of someone whose play goes down as expectations go up. If he ends up playing for Canada I'd only hope it was with the women's team).

    Put a little mode on that pie why don't you.