Thursday, October 1, 2009

A twist of fate

...and in a cruel twist of fate, my fate is now tied to his fate...and the fate with which he is tied to that of his teammate.


Well, some of you may remember this post from several weeks back where I stated my belief that Dany Heatley's fate with Team Canada was tied to that of his new teammate in San Jose, Joe Thornton.

Ya see, I have been on bubble all summer as to what my true feeling for, and about, Dany Heatley are...ever since the beginnings of his acrimonious departure from Ottawa. I was, and still remain uncertain as to whether or not he can overcome the drama and regain the prior form that had Sens fan cheering to "The Heat is on" more nights than not at ScotiaBank Place
(*anyone who's ever been to a Sens game in which Heatley has produced a goal knows what I'm talking about)

But to get back to my lament atop this post...imagine my excitement when I returned home from school this evening, to find that the hockey pool which I had, in vein, tried to organize with friends local and beyond (to agonizing avail!) had expanded in my absense into a 15 team league, just in time for the draft. (I was off talking about Cognitive Dissonance in my Organizational Behaviour class). As Dewey put it once I found out the size of the league, "Yipityyipyipyipwhoo!"

And what spot on the draft order was I to hold, when all things were said and done???...but the 14th spot overall...Yes as "fate" would have it, I was given my favorite number, my number of identity so to speak, just ask any of the Dolan's Wanderers or STU Tommies out there...

As the draft snaked to me it became cloudier and cloudier who I should take..."And with the 14th pick overall, McGuire's Monsters (yes, I admit to making a mockery of myself and my team) select...from the Boston Bruins...Marc Savard.

Marc Savard??? Where is he going you might be asking yourself right now. I thought this was about Heatley...and feelings of ambivalence and doubt. Well, hold on I say, because as the draft further snaked its way through 15 and 16 and back to me at 17, it became clear that I had a decision to make. Would I hold firm in my beleifs, beleifs rooted in my value of "team" and "being a good teammate", or would I error on the side of my cognitive dissonance (how ironic you are all thinking I'm sure) and take with my second pick someone quite able to fill the net and bring McGuire's Monsters to the promised land in the "Bob Cole's Lost Souls" fantasy hockey league.

...yep you guess it...I took Heatley.

So you see where I stand. Once confused, angry and doubtful; I now allow the fate of my fastasy hockey season to rest with the one player I most did not want it to rest with. A player, that I hoped would fail and therefore be easy pickings for future blog posts about failed expectations and about how "arrogance will get you nowhere" but face down in a ditch bloodied and broken (a bit much?).

I now rest my fate in the fate of another man, who's fate is tied to that of another man even. In the hopes of both: a Gold Medal in Vancouver, and $200 big ones in April.


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  1. Can't say I read the whole thing, but I believe it should be "kimminee yipotyyipyipwhooeeeeee".