Friday, October 16, 2009

Mr. Lecavilier, this is your wake-up call

Last year at this time, Matty and I were sitting around, talking about the 2010 Olympic hockey team (we hadn't yet thought that we would end up calling them "Team Twentyten"), and one of the names who kept coming to the top of the list, without fail... was Sidney Crosby.

Another name however that was on our list was Vincent Lecavilier. Vinny is a great hockey player, who we could have seen on the team last year. He is a strong player who scores goals. Admittedly, last season wasn't his best. That could be blamed on all the trade rumors that had him going to Montreal, but 67 points in 77 games was a little low for a guy who had topped 90 the previous two seasons and looked like he was becoming the all-star caliber player we all knew he would be one day.

However, this season is starting to look a lot like last, in that Vinny has 5 points in 6 games played, but not a single goal. It's not for lack of trying either, as he's averaging 4 shots a game. Now I don't watch many Lightning games (due to the fact that they have St. Louis on their team, whom I've made my hatred for clear many times), so I don't know how great the shots are that he's getting on goal. He's also a -5, and defensive liabilities can't be found on the bottom two lines unless they're providing the kind of offense we'll be getting from the top 2. I wouldn't say Vinny has played his way off the team, it's too early in the season to say that, but unless he starts scoring goals, the Lightning captain may just be enjoying the Olympics from a beach in Florida come February.

Vinny... this is your OFFICIAL "Canada Twentyten" wake-up call... figure it out, or you'll be left out...


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