Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weekly Power Rankings...with a little treat on top

Time for the weekly power rankings...with a little treat on top.

It may be apparent to most of you twentyteners out there that follow us religiously that this week's post was in large part of my sole you will see below with my high placement of Marty St. Louis in the power column. But honestly Dewey, the little man with the big heart has been THE man in sunny Florida thus far. Give a guy is due will ya!

A little treat at the bottom of this week's rankings as I lay out my line combination, defensive pairings and goaltending depth chart.



1 (1) – Crosby – Is there anyone who’s worried about Sid the Kid?

2 (5) – Heatley – Will be hard not to pencil he and Joe in as second line combo at current pace.

3 (6) – Thornton – As mentioned above, I think he’s the number two centre at this point.

4 (2) – Nash – Has continued torrid start to season. Scored 3 on 5 last night.

5 (3) – Richards – He can put up the points, and continues to be one of the best shutdown guys in the league.

6 (7) – St. Louis – Far and away the best chance out of Tampa so far.

7 (4) – Iginla – Slow start for Iggy, but finally put up a multi point game last night.

8 (8) – Toews – Will be hard knocked to be bumped off my team.

9 (9) – Carter – Will look good on Richard’s wing. Has started season strong.

10 (11) – Perry – Best option to play alongside Getzlaf, and has been best Duck forward so far.

11 (16) – Morrow – Resurrecting his career after last year’s injury, with a great start in Big D.

12 (13) – Getzlaf – Has dropped to my fourth line centre, but cannot remove him from the fold.

13 (10) – E. Staal – Susceptible to losing his spot on the roster if his slow season continues.

The below bubble boys:

14 (12) – Lecavalier – He’s on the wrong side of the bubble this week.

15 (15) – Sharp – He’s a guy who could steal Staal or Perry’s spot easily.

16 (NA) – Smyth – Has been a gangbuster in LA. Could Captain Canada find a spot on team twentyten?

17 (14) – J. Staal – Haven’t forgotten about him yet.

18 (17) – Doan – Starting to forget about him.


1 (4) – Boyle – Could be on top power play unit.

2 (2) – Pronger – Playing over 28 minutes a game and still producing.

3 (1) – Niedermayer – Tough start to the year, but he’s a given.

4 (NA) – Seabrook – Full apoligies for Brent only making an appearance on the rankings now.

5 (5) – Boumeester – Still playing lots of minutes in Calgary and is a plus player

6 (6) – Weber – Quiet but solid going in Nashville.

7 (7) – Keith – Would look good alongside Seabrook on the back end.

The below bubble boys:

8 (3) – Phaneuf – 8 points but still a minus liability.

9 (11) – Doughty – Could actually be a viable option come selection time.

8 (8) – Green – Losing ground in my eyes

9 (9) – Regher – Just too many other options in front of him.


1 (1) – Fleury – League leader in wins. Has been the best of the Canadian goalies so far.

2 (3) – Brodeur – Pitched his first shutout of the year this past week.

2 (2) – Mason – He’s still been better than Roberto.

4 (5) – Luongo – Still waiting on Bob.

5 (4) – Ward – Won’t be a consideration at this pace.

Line combos:

1 - Nash-Sid-Iggy

2 - Heatley-Thornton-St. Louis

3 - Carter-Richards-Morrow

4 - Perry-Getzlaf-Staal

5 - Toews

1 - Neidermayer – Pronger

2 - Boyle – Boumeester

3 - Seabrook - Keith

4 - Weber

*Despite goalie rankings...I cannot bring myself to knock Roberto and Marty out of the top two spots.

1 - Brodeur

2 - Luongo

3 - Fleury



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  2. The anonymous comment was redacted due to language deemed inappropriate by us here at Canada Twenty Ten... In a short, clean description, it alluded to us being on glue.

    All I can say, is thanks for reading... maybe next time try to be a little more constructive... WHAMMO!!!

  3. How do you discard Doan so quickly? Who would have thought Phoenix would have the start they're having? and in the face of adversity? Here's a guy known for leadership, something any team could use and he has clearly shown this characteristic robustly thus far this season, not to mention getting a point per game in the process.

    You may not be on glue, but you're certainly not on the ball.

  4. fair comment Bobby,

    in my haste, I suppose I overlooked Doan's strong start.