Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today's the day

As most of you probably were, I spent yesterday maxing and relaxing on the day of birth of this great country of ours. While I did manage to squeeze in 18 holes of golf and keep up to date on the free agent "frenzy", I missed this tasty little nugget where it was announced that today the summer camp list will be unveiled.

This is our list from the end of May. No doubt Stevie Y has only had to look at it the once and realized the sheer genius of our combined hockey minds and only had to click the "print" button. unless of course the forces of evil's whispers have been heard and our list will be proven to be completely wrong and we'll be mocked and laughed at relentlessly.

Either way, it's a big day for Team TwentyTen, and will no doubt be a great discussion point for the next 8 months!

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