Friday, July 10, 2009

Find him a spot!

Please see article re: Joe Sakic's retirement announcment:

He ruled out any possibility of making an Olympic comeback this fall or winter, saying he doesn't feel he can elevate his game to the level required. He, however, said he would be honoured to accept an off-ice role with the team if one is offered to him.

Hmmmm...what a novel idea.


  1. if I'm not mistaken, which I am normally not, you suggested a similar idea not too long ago on this very blog...

  2. I may have just done such a thing...more than once.

  3. My vote is for Dewey and Matty to be given "special advisor" status by Team Canada.

    There I voted. Anyone else?

    And while I'm typing may I suggest pulling a Peter Griffin. Every time someone says Pierre "shiny head" McGuire's name we should all make a greasy fart sound "Plffff".