Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Burnaby Joe should still go!!

He can only be described as one of the greats. Classy, smooth, unassuming, and boy whatta wrister. I have to admit I sighed in resignation when I heard the news via a text from Dewey a short while ago.

In a career that spaned twenty years, with two cups, a Conn Smythe, Lester B. Pearson, Lady Byng and Hart trophy each, his defining moment in the eyes of many Canadians will perhaps be in February of 2002 as Joe Sakic, on a line with Jerome Iginla and Simon Gagne, led Canada to its first Olympic Gold Medal in 50 years.

As a kid, I idolized sports broadcasters - hockey and harness racing alike - who doesn't love a good call...and I will never forget Bob Cole's words, even his unique intonation as Sakic slide into the boards after firing home the fifth goal against Mike Richter and the U.S. (Oh how I will miss Bob Cole at the twentyten games...he may be slipping, but man is the guy a great cheerleader or what!)

This video gives me goosebumps

With Sakic's retirement imminent, I harken all you twentyteners back to an earlier post of mine (found here) where I suggested a route that Stevie Y could take to make sure Burnaby Joe had a place on this team.

Kuddos on a fantastic career Joe...You are a class act and will remain a hockey icon in the eyes of a certain two bloggers.

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