Tuesday, June 30, 2009

U.S.A. Hockey: An homage to MGMT

One word: Kids...and lots of them.

The U.S. only invites three goalies to camp this summer. This will be a battle for the top spot between the cool and calm Miller, and the drunkin sailor (god love him...whatta good B)Timmy Thomas.

At a quick glance, not a heralded crop of D-men, but ask anybody I talk hockey with and they'll tell how much I love that Ornery Orpik, and despite coming off a desperate season, that Komisarek. What can ya say about Rafalski as well, the guy is smooth.

Parize was the jewel of my fantasy team last year, and whatta dynamic guy on the ice he is. Lots more young talent up front...along with D-men.

Still some great leadership in guys like Modano and Langenbrunner to boot.

This, as the very least, will be a fun team to watch take shape and play in twentyten.

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