Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On mice and men

As Matty pointed out last night, the NHLPA is worried about players getting injured skating this summer at the orientation camp, and in a beautiful use of the word "really", really hammered the point home that this it's insane to not let these men go out and do what they do best, and that is play hockey.

Fortunately for us, the players feel the same way as we do in this piece from TSN.ca. Three guys that I all have pegged to be in the lineup when the team takes the ice, Rick Nash, Joe Thornton and Marty Brodeur, all say that it's ridiculous and plan to be on the ice in August when the possible skaters get together for the first time.

Let me just remind you that the team did skate together at the orientation camp in 2002 and things seemed to turn out pretty well for Canadian hockey then... (let's not talk about 2006 or Torino).

If there are any players that are to come forward and say they don't want to take the ice, that they believe that a single practice the day before their first game in Vancouver will suffice, I don't think I'd want them on the team. This team will have no room for softies, though in reality, I don't think any of these Canadian boys are soft, and every one of them will want to take the ice in August for their country.

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