Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fire Pierre McGuire

For those unfamiliar; this post is inspired by this blog.

Once again, our friends (and obvious twentyteners) at CTV have allowed Pierre McGuire to have his say on our twentyten team. I cringe every time I read anything written or spoken by the man, and alas…this time was not much better.

Below, I highlight some of the contradictory, blatantly obvious, and rambling musings of McGuire's article

When asked what he thought about the five goalies selected to camp:

“Those are the five that should be there.” Those are the five best right now that are Canadian…”

Really Pierre…Really??? You agree that those five are the best five to be there…really? Why don’t I take you you back to an article from only two weeks ago (June 26) where you discussed the potential goalies who could make up the twentyten roster. (Found Here).

To recount: Brodeur, Luongo, Ward, Fleury…and oh who? Price and Osgood? …and, oh wait a minute, no mention of Mason.

So, let me get this straight Pierre.The five chosen for camp are the best Canadians right now. There have been no games played since your last musings two weeks ago when you included two goalies who were not invited, and did not include the goalie that correctly predicted would be invited

When asked if he saw any players not invited to camp, playing their way onto the team:

“I could see Marc Savard because he'll be watching Milan Lucic a lot…”

I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. Those two, in case you haven’t notice O Shiny Bald One, play very different types of games. I fail to see how Savard will make the team by watching Lucic.

“Ed Jovanovski if he has a tremendous start to the year. Maybe Chris Phillips if he has an amazing start…”

OH COMMON!! If these guys aren’t even in the top 16, they aren’t going to be in the final seven.

When asked why he thought Steven Stamkos was left off the camp roster:

“When you look at it, Ryan Getzlaf right now is ahead of Steven Stamkos…”

That’s not insightful…that’s painstakingly obvious. To recap: Getzlaf, almost a point a game through four NHL seasons (91 & 82 the past two) and not to mention a Stanley Cup. Stamkos: yes, a nice hockey player and soon to be All-Star, but really Pierre…

When asked about possible defesive pairing taking shape:

“Phaneuf and Weber in the 2005 world juniors were an unbelievable tandem against Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin during the whole tournament and in the gold medal game.”

I just laughed at this one, in light of a recent post by Dewey.

When asked about Brian Burke calling Chelios personally and extending an invitation to an off-ice role:

“Steve doesn't have to call and apologize to anyone. This isn't highschool hockey or the local house league. These are big time players. Anyone that plays hockey for money understands. It's a cold hard world.” …then just rambles on and on and on.

Nevermind the non-sensical nature of his response here. I have already made clear…several time…how Stevie Y can reach out to a certain hockey icon and offer him an off-ice post with the twentyten team.

Pierre’s final words of wisdom:

“Anyone that's a fan of Canadian hockey should be impressed.”

Close Pierre, close. But it shoulda been, “And if you’re a fan of Canadian hockey, get excited…”

Keyboard Cat... play our friend Pierre away...

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