Monday, June 22, 2009

Joe CAN go

Ok Ok Ok, I've solved the problem we've been having over the past few weeks in our deliberations about whether or not Joe Sakic should be a part of Team Canada in twentyten.

Brian Burke, you're a shrewd ole bird, hard as nails, but you've given me an out. Over the weekend it was announced by Burke, the US Olympic Team boss, that Chris Chelios...yes Chelly, that tireless, long streak of misery...will be joining the US team in a yet to be defined "off-ice role" in Vancouver. See here.

What a well-measured and smart move by Burke. He knows that the US team will be rife with talent, but he also knows that all those young kids who are sure to make up the bulk of the team will benefit from the presence of the battle-tested and sage Chelios.

This got me thinking...why does Yzerman not extend his hand to Burnaby Joe in much the same way that Burkie did to Chelly. We here, have been going back-and-forth for the past months over whether or not there is a spot on the team for Sakic, should he decide to give it a go this coming season in Colorado. Now, Joe is not the same type character as the fierce and ornery Chelios. But, let us not forget that it was Sakic who took the team on his shoulders in the gold medal game in Salt Lake City, scoring two goals and playing a big part in two of Iginla's in that game. He then captained the team in 2006 (let's forget about the result). The guy (Sakic), in my estimation, is one of the most underrated players in the history of the NHL. One of the most consistent gamers, albeit quietly done, that this game has ever seen.

While, Burke tries to figure out what role Chelios will play on the US team, I think that Stevie Y should be considering just where Sakic - a B.C. native and fan favorite of many Canadians - will sit as he builds his team for next February.

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