Monday, June 15, 2009

At a stand Staal

Friday night I witnessed one of the best games I've ever watched on TV. This can be for one of two reasons. The first of course is my unabated hatred for the Red Wings of Detroit, and second is because maybe it was actually just a great game. In fact, the whole series was great, and a pleasure to watch aside from game 5 and the Osgood interviews.

While watching the games though there was a player who stood out in my mind. In fact, he stood out to me in just about every game I watched the Penguins play this post-season. With camp quickly coming up I believe that Jordan is a no-brainer to go to camp. That being said, I can truthfully say that I did NOT have Jordan Staal joining his brother Eric in Vancouver in some 9 months time, however, his play in the playoffs, especially in the final round, has changed my mind.

During the final round with the Kid being just squeezed to death by the Red Wings defensive superstars, Jordan really stepped up. He may have only had 2 goals and an assist in the final round, but he played such a big role for the Pens. He was out there for the big draws (his success rate wasn't great, but the coach trusted him in those situations, and really, the Wings may be the best faceoff team in the league), he was out there chequing opponents, shutting down their offensive stars, and of course killing penalties, perhaps the catalyst for turning the series around with a beautiful shorthanded goal in game 3 in Pittsburgh.

The debate arose Friday night during the game watching him play, Matty and I both agreed that Jordan HAS to be on the team and I guarantee that after seeing that series first hand Stevie Y definitely has to be thinking along the same lines.

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