Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dewey's Team TwentyTen

With the announcement of Team Canada coming tomorrow afternoon, I thought it would be timely of me to announce MY Team TwentyTen.

I picked my team based on performance, past and present, and also used what I have read and heard over the past few weeks, taking what I believe are good hints on the team. Also, I did my best to NOT put guys on the team who I do not care for (and did a pretty good job of it!).

Without further ado, my list:

Iginla - Crosby - Nash
Heatley - Thornton - Marleau
J. Staal - M. Richards - B. Richards
St. Louis - Getzlaf - Perry

Niedermayer - Weber
Pronger - Boyle
Keith - Seabrook


Why did I pick the players I did? I'll try to explain...

The goalies I think are hands down. Everyone has been picking them, and I am no different. From the start we've said Brodeur and Luongo would be 1 - 2, but we were never sure about who the starter would be. Brodeur has had the better season to this point, so at the moment, he is the starter in my opinion. Things could change, but today, he starts.

The defense was a tough call for me. I had 5 guys as sure bets, those being Nieder, Pronger, Weber, Keith, Seabrook. Then I had a decision to make. I had to make a choice between Dan Boyle and Mike Green. To this point this season, Green is actually having the better season statistically (9G, 29A, +15) than Boyle (7G, 14A, +6), but I kept coming back to a conversation I had with Matty while watching last year's playoffs. He actually had a post about Green's disappearing act during the biggest games of the year, and that's why I put Boyle ahead of Green.

Then I needed to select my seventh defensemen. Originally, I said Bouwmeester, and eventually went with him, but I actually erased his name for Green's twice, and switched it back both times. Bouwmeester has never been on a big stage and I wasn't sure how he might react. I made this decision using the "McCabe" thought process, where bringing a "powerplay specialist" in '06 did not really help the team, and I doubt it would help them this year. They already have enough firepower on the blue line, so I went with the guy I figured would be a steadier defender.

The forwards, obviously, had easy choices and had some very difficult ones. I think the first line has been decided on since the orientation camp this summer. The second line has been absolutely foolish this year in San Jose, so they're there as well.

The fourth line (third scoring line) was one that originally could have been the number 2. I hate putting St. Louis on there (as has been documented), but of the other guys I thought of, I couldn't find a better fit than St. Louis. So Marty, don't let me down.

Perry and Getz are solid and have great chemistry together in Anaheim. I think these guys have to be there, and will be there.

The checking/shut down line was the last I decided on. I hadn't even considered Brad Richards for a spot on the team, but when I read that Stevie had been considering guys NOT at the summer camp, followed by the news on Saturday night that Pierre Lebrun said that he didn't think Stamkos made the cut after speaking with his sources, I put that together with the fact that both he and Grapes had spoken with Stevie Y and both had him on the team in their choices. The stats are there, he has history with the team, and I just have a hunch that in their talks, maybe his name was discussed. There has to be a guy that makes the team who wasn't at the camp, and if it won't be any of the guys we've talked about before, then it might as well be him... and that's only one of the guys on this line...

I took Mike Richards because he's a pest. While still young, he manages to get under the skin and does a pretty good job shutting down other teams stars. He's a guy who you can rely on on the PK, and another guy who's great at faceoffs, just because we need another one.

At the start of the camp, everyone assumed it would be the oldest Staal brother who would make the team. However, tomorrow I believe it will be the youngest who's name is read by Mr. Yzerman. I have heard that Jordan wasn't being considered for a spot, so this may be iffy but I think he's another guy who does a great job shutting down and is a valuable asset on the PK. I actually had thought of putting Toews on this line (not a defensive liability at all with a +18 this season so far), and then putting Stamkos as the 13th forward. This was the toughest choice for me to make, because I love Stamkos on this team. I heard someone make a claim that Team Canada suffered in 2006 by not picking a young sniper by the name of Sidney Crosby in his 2nd NHL season, but just the way Lebrun made his claim on Saturday night about him not making the cut, so close to the decision, it just seems like he knows something, and unfortunately I have to believe it.

So there it is, there's my team. Stevie, let's see what you have.

... almost forgot...


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