Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green means go...home

First of all...Dewey, I concur, a McGuire-less/Miller-less Olympic broadcast would be a gold medal in itself for all Canadians.

Secondly...I pose the question, "Do we need Mike Green on our Olympic Team?" 31 goals and 73 points in 68 games would suggest that he is a lock (+24 to boot). However, the guy has been nothing if not ordinary for the Capitals thus far in the playoffs and at times looks terrible containing and defending some of the games elites in Sid, Geno and the gang.

I suggest that with the likes of Weber and Phaneuf just to name two big shots, Canada is well-stacked in the area of offensively able D-men.

Green, for my mind, is at best the 7th guy on the blue line and really only used in PP situations...but even then will they need him with the guys I've mentioned above...not to further mention the ability of many of the potential forwards on the team to play the point with the man advantage.

I'm not saying he's a "no go" for certain. He'll certainly be at the camp...he'll almost definitely be on the taxi squad at least...but on the 7-man defensive unit...we shall have to wait and see. I mean...he's no McCabe (not nearly that terrible) but we all know what kind of decision that turned out to be in '06.

Finally, Go Bruins!!

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