Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Twas the morn of selection day...

In the spirit of the announcement and the season, I have prepared a short poem...

'Twas the morn of selection day and all through the TwentyTen house,
not a blogger was typing, not touching a mouse;

With Dewey on the couch and Matty in his chair,
contently knowing soon who would be there;

TwentyTeners nation wide still snug in their beds,
with visions of gold medals only thoughts in their heads;

Stevie Y with the list, he checked it again,
hoping, knowing, he'd picked the right men;

Babcock was seated, finalizing his plans,
this team didn't need a base, it was already a nation of fans;

All of a sudden cameras were flashing,
Stevie stepped to the podium, it's time, it was happening;

The silence was deafening, the volume cranked up,
I sipped the beer nervously from my team Canada cup;

He stood for a moment and breathed it all in,
he looked at the list, and then he would begin;

He named off the players from his list with certainty,
these were his players, his twenty skaters and goalies three;

A nation stood in amazed and paid attention closely,
some questioned, some applauded, some simply listened intently;

As quick as he appeared, he was gone just as fast,
media and bloggers nationwide immediately began to put the GM on blast;

Come February in Vancouver, it will be much more than a game,
it will be a our passion, our air, our acclaim;

No matter what now, this was our team, this is our show,
come February we will all cheer, "Go, Canada! Go!"

… really wanted to end that one with "WHAMMO!!"

Remember that the announcement happens today at 1 PM Atlantic (12 Eastern). You can watch live on TSN, as well as at Another good idea would be to follow me on Twitter, and check back to Canada Twenty Ten often for our thoughts on the team!

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