Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The forgotten...

Since the start of camp (just yesterday), I've yet to hear the name "Ryan Smyth" whispered even once... whatever happened to "Captain Canada"?


  1. Dewey,

    C'mon brother. Although Smyth is obviously not a bad guy to have on your team, he is clearly not capable of contributing to this team at this point in his career. This is the best team in the world we are talking about. Also, his chances of an injury free season are unlikely with his increasing age/ injury history along with the higher frequency of games scheduled to allow for the Olympic break. He'd be a risky take even if he appears to be playing at a higher level than expected.

    Segway question for you fellas.....with the higher frequency of games, and the typically high number of games that both Luongo and Brodeur play, do you think that they can be expected to be fresh coming into the break? Especially in Luongo's case as he is literally partaking in the longest road trip in NHL history prior to the games.

    Another side note.....if I heard someone say whammo on a regular basis in my presence I'd make an effort to give them a high flying Gordie Howe elbow to the orbital bone.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Couldn't agree more Bobby. We've actually discussed this between ourselves. There are a ton of guys who "aren't bad to have on your team" at camp, but just don't cut it. This was a simple one sentence post to kind of point that out, because he's good, but he doesn't cut it...

    I don't expect the frequency of games to be a problem. Both guys are used to it, and without looking stats up, I'm pretty sure it's right around February these guys step up (I'm quite certain that's when Brodeur really took over for a while last season, pardon me if I'm mistaken). Either way, the guys are studs and are used to playing lots of games. Every other goalie starting for their country will be in the exact same boat, and I like our guys a lot more.

    If you want to elbow us, then we're doing our job, as is Pierre... WHAMMO!!!

  3. He didn't 'step up' in February, he got healthy at the very end of February, had a few good games then trailed off till the end of the season. Get it right Dewey!

  4. Bidsy is right, Dewey. Brodeur was out most of the season hurt.

    Thanks for your contribution, Bidsy. We appreciate all comments from twentyteners out there.