Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breaking news from camp

Calgary, Alta. - Dany Heatley has once again requested a trade, only this time, it's from his orientation camp team.

Upon hearing that he would be playing on the second power play unit for Team White in the inter squad scrimmage tonight, Heatley demanded to be traded to "Team Red, or the Slovaks".

When told about the trade demand, power play coach, Lindy Ruff had this to say, "That's a joke, that's an absolute joke, is what it is. Get him out of the game. I've seen enough of him, it's a joke. "

This has been a busy summer for Heatley. This drama comes after he demanded a trade out of Ottawa after the 2008-2009 season after he felt his role on the Senators had "diminished" after new coach, Cory Clouston, took over the bench for the Sens in early February.

Not much is known about whether or not Heatley can be traded. Team Canada GM, Steve Yzerman, could not be reached for comment.


  1. Dewey,

    I am thankful Stevy Y could not be reached for comment. You are turning a wholesome blog into a typical media make up a story for reviews instrument. Although quite the story, and you could say well-written story you have fabricated but needless to say you are going to lose my readership if this continues.

    Thanks for listening.


  2. I think it was a joke