Monday, May 4, 2009

Take Your Team and...

So a couple of months ago, someone's friend (definitely not mine), Pierre McGuire unveiled his choices for the 2010 team that we are trying to predict here... The picks are as follows...


Defence Pairings
Bouwmeester - Niedermayer
Phaneuf - Weber
Burns - Green

Forward Lines
Crosby – Lecavalier - Iginla
Heatley – Getzlaf - Nash
Carter – Thornton - Gagne
Morrow – Richards - Doan

Here at canadatwentyten we are nothing if not completely opposed to Pierre McGuire (don't even get us started on having to listen to him and Gord Miller while we enjoy the 2010 games), and our team will hopefully look nothing like his*. If it does, Matt has assured me he will shave his head and walk around like in idiot in order to honor the "great Pierre-ino", who obviously we want to be.

I don't really want to see him have to do this, but way to take one for the team buddy! We all appreciate your enthusiasm.

*"nothing like his" being used in the sense here that we don't want to be anything like McGuire, there is nothing wrong with the skills of any of the great Canadian boys on the team, we just really don't like Pierre...


  1. I'm not a Penguins fan, a Carolina fan, and by any means known to mankind a Ranger fan but no Staals? Come on, Eric has been eating up Lurch Chara. Have to give one of them some consideration. Don't you??


  2. Hey Squirrel,
    I don't know if I'm a terrible writer or just drunk when I posted (more than likely both), but what I was trying to get at is that our team won't be the exact same team as McGuire's. I know Matty just posted that E. Staal is on his team, and he sure as hell is on mine after the performance he's put up this post season.
    Thanks for your comment,

  3. Dear Squirrel H8TR, anyone with a name like that is 100% a friend of mine...those damn squirrels...and yes, Eric Staal, after the chaos he's caused to my beloved Bruins, is on my team.
    I'd like to think that all three Staal's get the invite to the summer camp at least as well.