Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love Lucic

I have a problem.

A problem I'm not too keen to admit. See, I am almost as opposed to the Boston Bruins as I am Pierre McGuire. Actually, that's harsh, as I hate McGuire more than anything, but I DO hate pretty much every sports team in the New England area. Pats, Red Sox, Celtics, those smug bastards who are the Revolution and of coursethe Bruins, but this problem is growing far too much for me to deny anymore.

I love Lucic.

Milan Lucic that is.

I remember the first time I saw Lucic play was in the Memorial Cup (aside: how hard is it to listen to Peter Loubardias call a game?) a few years back. Loved the kid then, he had that intensity that I love to see in young players. He hit, he scored, he was then drafted by the Bruins not long after. I still didn't know much about the kid. Being too lazy to look any information up on him, and of course not wanting to listen to Pierre McGuire on draft day (I watch it muted, never understood the whole "Claude Giroux" thing until about a year later, still didn't laugh) I went along, blind to the fact that this kid is a joy to watch play, and he's not too bad at it either.

Now to say Lucic deserves to be on Team Canada in 2010 is a little more than a stretch, no matter how strong my man crush may be. He doesn't fit in on the team as a scorer. I don't know he's as good as any of the guys I'd have on my checking line above him. But Team Canada seems to have a history of bringing role players. I don't know that Team Canada NEEDS the role that Lucic brings, and the kid is still maturing and isn't above taking bad penalties. I would absolutely LOVE to see Milan get the call to at least attend the first camp this summer (our lists coming soon), just to see how he reacts in this situation.

Lucic plays a tough game that I love. I know I'd definitely have him on my team, but would I have him on my Team Canada? I can't say he's quite there yet, but I'd love to give him a shot...

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