Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We'll know almost everything by 'twentyten'

I've chosen to steal Matty's idea from his last post, where compared Stevie Y to another guy who's been made famous from his association with the colors red and white around a holiday around near end of everyone's calendar. I am choosing to do the same, only this time I will be comparing him to "Ezekiel - the end of year albino rat".

Ezekiel, with his bright red eyes and snowy fur, makes an appearance every year on the 31st of December, to celebrate the end of another year, and the beginning of another.

How does this relate to Yzerman, you may be asking (and with good reason)...

It was announced today that the brain trust for our beloved team will doing the official "Who's In, Who's Out" announcement on New Years Eve, December 31st. The 23 man roster will no doubt be loved by some, hated by many, and scrutinized to the finest detail by a certain two bloggers who can be found on the east coast of Canada.

I wasn't quite sure yet how my NYE would shape up, but with this announcement, things are getting a little clearer. Stay tuned...


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