Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carry the torch

While the debate for who will light the Olympic torch in Vancouver is still being debated, there's no secret as to who will have his Stanley Cup Ring wearing hands on them tonight.

Sidney Crosby, the pride of Cole Harbour, makes his return home tonight to run a leg of the Olympic torch relay. Crosby, the youngest ever captain of a Stanley Cup winning team and one of the few "sure bets" to be on the roster for Team Twentyten.

However, while I'm happy for Crosby, getting to partake in a once in a lifetime opportunity, I should mention that I'm talking of carrying a torch of different sorts. I'm talking about who will captain our beloved Olympic team, "carrying the torch" as our fearless leader. Wearing the "C" is no small role, and I'm not sure "The Kid" is ready to take on "a man's" responsibility.

So who then? I'll tell you who.

Jarome Iginla.

It's that simple.

Iggy has been one of the best player's in the NHL (if not THE best) since the start of November. He has 9 points in his past 7 games, leading his Flames to a respectable record (2nd in their division) and showing off that familiar goal scoring form that we all come to expect from him. He has experience as a leader, both on the ice and in the locker room, which is something that will have to be considered by the brass.

I believe his play shows thus far this year shows he is the man who should wear the "C" for us in Vancouver, and I don't think that it's that close.


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