Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NHL preseason - Catch the fever!

Although I'm not sure it's all that apt to use the word "fever" these days in a blog post, what with the ever presence of the "swine flu" having people sit inside their house to do nothing but read great blogs (read: our site), but unfortunately there has been a lack of updates recently for which we can't really be blamed.

You see, right now is the NHL preseason, and while we all LOVE hockey, is there anything more useless? Sure, it gives us time to do our hockey pools (my team, Blades of Steel aka Malkin Cookies will be looking to come back strong after a collapse in the last month of the season last year leading to a devastating 2nd place finish, but I digress). It also gives Leafs fans to go on and on about how GREAT their team is going to be this year and how they're definitely making the playoffs, as evidenced by their stunning victory last night over the defending Stanley Cup champs (without Malkin, Fluery, or Team Twentyten first liner Sidney Crosby even in uniform).

Unfortunately, this hockey fan just can't get into the preseason, and what sucks is that the media believes that the preseason is so super important and that leads to less stories being written about the Olympics, more specifically the 2010 Olympic Hockey situation, leading to less stories for us to blast on this blog... it's a serious shot at creativity.

In any case, we haven't forgotten about you, our loyal Twentyteners. Be sure to check back to the blog often or subscribe to the RSS feed, as starting soon (read: once the regular season begins) we will have our weekly rosters posted, which will be surely flip-flopping more than Jack Layton (that one is for you Matty).

Until then we'll post as much as we can, and if the mood strikes you, follow us on Twitter for insight on things not just related to Team TwentyTen. (Dewey, Matty)

Thanks for sticking with us guys, let out a "WHAMMO!!" of your own in support!


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