Sunday, September 27, 2009

Babs Blabs

Despite Bob Probert and Wendell Clark being on-hand to drop the puck, we know that not all our twentyteners out there were able to sit down, cold beer in hand, to watch last night's Hockey Night in Canada Pre-season debut. (Another "cough" Big Win for the Maple Leafs..."cough, cough")

For those who missed it, Inside Hockey's Elliotte Friedman sat down with Canada twentyten coach Mike Babcock to talk, amongst other things, about who in particular made an impression on the coach at this August's summer orientation camp in Calgary.

Friedman to Babcock: One player that stood out to you?

Babcock in reply: Ah Mike Richards...I knew because people told me, but I didn't know he was this good and this smart...they (he) do everything right and they're (he's) so competitive...he's a very very good player.

The assumption from the beginning in this household has always been that Richards is a likely candidate to centre a third or fourth line in Vancouver. But I think it is now safe to say that the former Kitchener Ranger, Junior Team, and current Flyers Captain is a LOCK to centre the shutdown unit at this winter's spectacle.

Sid and Richards...absolute locks down the middle.

Hold tight for this blog's pre'season "Who's in Who's out" lineup before the 09-10 festivities begin in earnest, mid-week.


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